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There’s No Point Thinking You’re ‘Above’ Following Trends – We All Cave Eventually

We all hate to love trends. But whether it’s moving from Android to iOS or from crisps to chia seeds, we inevitably succumb to them eventually.


There’s no avoiding how increasingly orientated our lives are becoming around social media, as I’ve pointed out in one of my previous articles. We shouldn’t beat around the bush about this not being the case, as much as some still try to live in ‘the old days’ – if you’re reading this now, it’s because social media has most probably lead you here in the first place.

Though rather social media being branded as an obsession, it can become more of a catalyst for our own obsessions. I, for one, will be the first to judge a hypocrite, yet am undeniably a hypocrite myself most of the time. You probably are, too. We judge the lady with the caterpillar eyebrows that are in a near-chrysalis phase, yet find ourselves later that week perched in a chair at a Benefit counter, in search of the perfect products for our own brows. Or is this just me?!

We’re the first to criticise trends yet, more often than not, we’ll end up following them ourselves. Social media can create these trends, create hypocrites like me and no sooner have you found yourself becoming the girl who eats goji berries when you once found everyone that raved about them to be a complete nuisance. Now I can’t have breakfast without them. I’ve become that goji berry backer, the chia seed supporter and the mashed avocado activist and I love it.


Whether it be food, fashion, fitness, health, beauty – the list goes on – there will always be a trend for us to criticise and judge and make us all well on our way to becoming hypocrites, as we inevitably bring these trends into our own lives.

But, at least for now, I remain a firm devotee to the family of not-so-trendy Samsung phone owners… though give me until the iPhone 16.0S+1 and I’ll probably start following the Apple trend sooner or later.

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